Israel, A Journey of Light: na

Israel, A Journey of Light: na
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“Viewing Israel, A Journey of Light is like visiting that Holy Land in person. In fact — it’s better, because no tour guide I’ve known can furnish the kind of information, insight and pictorial beauty of this series. I recommend it for everyone who loves Israel and our God.” –Mr. Pat BooneThe story of Israel is inspiring, complicated, uplifting, complex, emotional… and too often misrepresented and misunderstood. Israel: A Journey of Light is an amazing exploration of the real Israel …

Our world has been forever changed by one nation, a Jewish nation God called Israel. It all began when God spoke to Abraham, the first Hebrew, and promised that he and his descendants would bless the world. From that moment onward, until now, the Jewish people, Abraham’s descendants, have flooded the world with the knowledge of God even as they reflected Heaven’s light. The new 6 unit series examines how Israel has influenced the world and fulfilled her God-appointed mandate by becoming …

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Israel, A Journey of Light: na

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